“Design it right and everything else will follow. Whether ‘it’ is a piece of print or a responsive web app, design is the Genesis, the big bang, the moment of conception. In other words, it’s pretty important you get it right!”

Dot Factory Artwork team

For Print

That thing you heard about print being dead? It’s not. It’s alive and well and we know exactly how to make it sell on your behalf. We’ve been doing just that for our home shopping and direct marketing clients for over 15 years.

Dot Factory design for the web

For Web

The internet never stands still. Two years ago, it was all about the PC screen. Today, it’s all about responsive design for mobiles. And tomorrow? Nobody knows for sure. But we know our digital design team will be among the first to exploit the potential.

Dot Factroy design studio

For You

Our designers love to talk. More than that, they love to listen to your ideas. That way, they know exactly what you’re after and can work with you to bring it all to life. Not just looking great, but working hard too.


“Even the best design fails if the artwork isn’t right. What looks great on screen won’t automatically look great on press. Thankfully, our artwork gurus know what overprints, what knocks out, where to use bleed and what to underpin.”

dot factroy clients

The Clients

15 years is a long-term relationship by anyone’s standards. Yet that’s how long we’ve been the preferred artwork studio for some of the biggest home shopping and fashion brands. Trusted and relied on to deliver project after project, season after season, year after year.

design studio

The Craft

Despite technology, artwork remains a craft, demanding a passion for detail and a love of precision. Exactly the qualities we look for in our artworkers. Which means, from a simple A4 flyer to a 200+ page catalogue, your job couldn’t be in safer, more experienced hands.

artwork crafting

The Kit

Getting hundreds of pages of artwork out means getting the right technology in. Every few months, another innovation, every few months another investment to make sure our artwork teams get the best tools for the job. And you get the service, quality and value you demand.


“That's a verb around here. And it encompasses a whole range of services that make your images look their absolute best, whether they’re used online or in print.”

Digital colour matching


Not every product has a perfect sample. Stitches get pulled. Prototypes get damaged. It happens. But with a large degree of skill and a little Photoshop magic, we’ll put it right. And before you know it, you’re looking at the perfect image.

Digital Retouching

Colour Matching

Colour matters pretty much more than anything else. So we stop at nothing to get it right. Ensuring your shots are colour correct to a physical sample and give a true representation of the real thing, both online and in print.

WebNative Asset Management

Asset Management

There’s a reason images are known as ‘assets’. It’s because they’re among the most valuable things in your business. Our creative asset management system will securely catalogue and manage your files and images with efficient metadata search criteria. We’ll provide customised permission levels, linked files viewers, custom orders and annotation tools so you can collaborate effectively across your business, avoiding duplication and improving workflows.


“The future of print is digital and we’re more than ready for it. Highly targeted personalised printing using variable data and images in a wide range of formats can help you get the best return from this exciting medium.”

hp wide format

Wide Format

Big thinking for big results. With the latest inkjet and latex technology, pin-sharp digital printing right up to the width of a building, brings colour, quality and huge impact to your campaigns indoor or outdoor.

xerox versant

Sheet Fed

Need it yesterday? No worries. We’re used to it! Our Xerox Versant digital press delivers high quality results and fast turnaround at highly competitive rates. From a humble business card to an executive boardroom report, this versatile press can handle it all.

Xeikon 500

Reel Fed

The Rolls Royce of digital print, our Xeikon 5000 digital press is the centrepiece of our print-room. 500mm wide reels cut-off to any length, all the speed and flexibility you need to unleash the power of full colour personalised, variable or commercial print.


It's not all about technology, these are the people that make it all possible the vital cogs in The Dot Factory machine.

Dean Young
Stuart Cox
Warren Beesley
Simon Perry
Chris Roberts