The Brief:

Ahead of an e-commerce website launch, fashion brand Man-Cub tasked us to come up with a concept to capture both father & son matching products in the same still life image, to best show the larger ‘man’ and smaller ‘cub’ sized items. The brief outlined that the styling must be consistent for the various types of product (e.g from t-shirts to trousers to shorts) and to emulate the premium & high-end style of the brand.

The Result:

Our creative photography & styling teams put forward several proposals with various styling, lighting and background options to display the pairs of fashion products. The selected concept consists of a premium, clean grey background with punchy lighting and subtle shadow. The products are hung on minimalist, contemporary white hangers suspended on a simple steel chain. With supplementary close-up shots of the Man-Cub branding and product details, we were able to display the qualities and features of each individual product regardless of product type, all in a clean and consistent style.

Dot has been working with Man-Cub since their launch in 2018 and have shot a range of products, including accessories for which we developed a style consistent with the fashion still life imagery.