Travel Counsellors

The Brief:

The global leisure and business travel franchise Travel Counsellors had been used to printing thousands of recruitment brochures to send out to newly recruited members. The problem for the client was that these brochures were high in pagination in order to cover all the business topic areas, but as a result, a significant part of the content was not appropriate to the individual needs of each recipient. In addition and very often, by the time the brochure had been designed, printed, finished and fulfilled, much of the content was out of date. The Dot team were challenged to provide a bespoke and personalised, print-on-demand brochure that could be tailored to pull in specific case studies and programme overviews that are relevant to each recipient.

The Result:

The Dot team designed and produced an online portal that is securely accessed by Travel Counsellor consultants based all around the world, allowing them to tailor the brochure with specific pages of case studies, individual business solutions and programme overviews as well some standard brochure content. The brochure is assembled remotely and variable data fields are input from a spreadsheet making the completed 36-page brochure fully personalised and relevant to each recipient. The Dot print team generates a complete print-ready PDF for each brochure and prints a quantity of individual books each day for dispatch.

The site can be constantly updated and edited to react to changes within the travel industry on a day-to-day basis.

The book is printed and finished within a hard-backed cover sleeve before being mailed out daily inside a bespoke packaging piece.

A digital version of each brochure is also produced for distribution via e-mail.